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Hold the neon signs and crystal balls!

At my core, I am a self-proclaimed soul healer. 

I specialize in YOU. I assist you in healing your heart, gaining insight and clarity into your life, yourself and those around you and raising your personal vibration. I use several different methods, such as intuitive guidance, translating messages from spirit, channeling Reiki energy and handcrafted healing products. I recently developed a spiritually based fine jewelry line, as I saw a need for a vibration people could wear against their skin to elevate their own energy on the daily. I have been doing professional intuitive readings for the past 5 years and I'm Level 3 certified in Reiki.

I split my time between Arizona and Southern California for both work and pleasure. I grew up in Sacramento, California and traveled about the U.S. exploring different states until settling in Arizona for the last 18 years. In May of 2019, I acquired a second home in Newport Beach, California, which gives me my life supplies, as I vibe highest near the water in my natural element.

My approach to my work is one of authenticity, as I know this to be one of my true callings. I consider myself to be in a position to serve others in the highest light and greatest purpose for another’s soul.


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Intuitive Consultant - Energy Healer - Fine Jewelry Designer


Tel: 480-993-9141

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